Thursday, September 30

A Brief Introduction

Hello fellow food lovers! Welcome to my first-ever attempt at being an open "foodie" in this crazy blogosphere of a world. It seems so strange to be blogging about, well me, but I would love it if you read on until the end. First, I know there are many food blogs already in existence. There are a few foodies I like to get a taste of on a regular basis when I need a good laugh or want new, creative recipes I've yet to consider. How my particular blog will be different from the rest is yet to be told, but my intention is to create a place where I can share with you the food that is my life.

Professionally, I am a personal chef and assistant to a hedge fund owner slash poker player. This is not necessarily my job by trade. I graduated college (Hail to Pitt) in '07 with a biz major, moved to Las Vegas and worked in public relations until the summer of '09. Through various channels (a.k.a. my boyfriend is involved in the poker industry) I was able to meet my current employer (a story in itself) and thus began my culinary career. This opportunity was scary and awesome at the same time, a huge step outside of my comfort zone. To actually get paid for cooking? As a job?! Anything and everything to do with food has been a passion of mine for a long time, and with a little encouragement it just so happened I had the right conversation with the right person at the right time. For this, I am eternally grateful. I am not a classically trained chef. I just love food. I did however recently enroll in my first college-level cooking course and am loving it so far. I look forward to sharing my new found culinary experiences with you each week, so stay tuned.

Now, enough about me. This wouldn't be a proper food blog introduction if I didn't share one thing with you that is entirely food related, right? I absolutely love to cook (and eat, duh) breakfast. OK, so this part is about me too... eggs, eggs benedict, omelets, quiche, pancakes, hash browns, center-cut smoked bacon... you get the point. I'm still getting used to writing out recipes for the food I make because I tend to be quite sporadic in the kitchen, but here's at least a brief description of what you see pictured below, which I call a Southwestern Benedict.

Poached eggs atop homemade, toasted beer bread topped with melted, sharp cheddar cheese and a hearty scoop of spicy guacamole. Garnished with chopped cilantro and Sriracha. I think this dish represents me well. I love to eat/prepare food that looks as good as it tastes. And since most people eat with their eyes first, the attractiveness of a dish is just as important.

This is the first of many meals I hope to share with you. Though I don't necessarily adhere to this "rule" all the time, I believe everyone should start their day with a hearty (and sometimes indulgent) breakfast, so it seemed fitting to start my blog off with one of my fav breakfast treats. Hope I didn't bore ya too much. :) Until next time, eat on.